Earlier this year, Families for a Cure was honored to be selected as one of three charities that Ten Pin Alley would support in 2019 as part of their Heart & Bowl program. What’s the Heart & Bowl program? According to Ten Pin Alley, “our goal at Ten Pin Alley is not just to entertain families, but to help families as well. Our philanthropic program donates 2% of your bill to help one of our three charitable partners. Which one is up to you. That’s right, you select when you settle your bill on each visit. No rounding. No adding. A straight 2% of the total. Whether you’re having dinner, entertaining the kids, booking a birthday party or office party, 2% of the total bill will be donated to one our three partners. There are no additional charges to you bill.”

So, the next time you’re looking for something fun to do or somewhere to go for a good meal, visit Ten Pin Alley. And at the end of your meal, let them know you’re there to support Families for a Cure. And just like that, your belly is full, you had fun and you supported a great cause!