Wood family enjoys Daytona Beach during their experience

MARCH, 2015

Allison’s Story:
When Allison was in college, she lost her mother to breast cancer. In 2008 at the age of 35, Allison found a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her daughters were 5 & 6 at the time. Allison attacked her cancer with a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. A year later, Allison’s cancer was in remission. Allison’s brother described how his sister became stronger through her cancer battle. He tells of how Allison became a true crusader for finding a cure, that Allison became a source of strength and comfort for women just beginning their battle.

Allison’s cancer stayed in remission until 2012 when she was told it was back and had metastasized to her liver. Allison tried every treatment available while never giving up hope and trying her hardest to give her girls a normal childhood. In November of 2014, Allison’s cancer was growing and the treatment was a fierce chemo that once more robbed her of her hair and left her with numerous side effects. By February of 2015 she had lost all of her energy. As her body deteriorated her faith grew stronger and stronger.

Allison’s Experience:
In March of 2015, FFAC granted Allison, her husband and their two daughters an experience to the Daytona Beach Shores Resort in Florida.

Allison’s thoughts on the experience:
I wanted to share a huge thank you for Families for a Cure!  I am fighting for the second time my second round of breast cancer.  The first time was in 2008 and the second battle started in 2012… I continue to fight everyday.

Families for a Cure sent my husband and 2 daughters to an amazing resort in Daytona Beach Shores.  The four of us needed the time together so desperately.  Families for a Cure offered this wonderful trip to us.  We were blessed with a beautiful room right on the beach, not to mention the great food and spa day for our daughters and me!!!  We needed to share some time away from the every day of living with cancer.  Families for a Cure helped us feel like a “normal” family. We cannot thank you enough for the time… the time you gave us together.  This vacation will be forever in our hearts.  Thank you, Allison Wood.

Allison passed away peacefully at home on June 23, 2015, surrounded by her family. FFAC is grateful to have known Allison and give her a few ‘“normal” days with her family.