Queen of Hearts Raffle will make someone happy!

Will it be you?

Every Sunday at 6:30 pm, we’re hosting a queen of hearts raffle at Ten Pin Alley in partnership with Dots Tots. And if you play, you might win big money!

Not familiar with how the game is played?

The game is based on a shuffled standard deck of 52 playing cards plus two jokers. Each is put in a numbered envelope and placed on a board. Every Sunday, we will sell raffles tickets ($1 for 1 or $10 for 12 tickets). At 6:30 pm every Sunday, a raffle ticket is drawn, and that person gets to reveal a card. If the queen of hearts surfaces, that’s the big winner; otherwise, the jackpot rolls over and we repeat the process until the Queen of Hearts is found. The person who finds the Queen of Hearts wins the prize and will split the winnings with Families for a Cure & Dots Tots.