FFAC Reaches $1M Goal in 2018!

When the journey began, we had our sights set on cumulatively raising $1M that would be used to fund cancer research and support patient care programs. The date set seemed so far in the future – 2021. We knew we could achieve the goal, however, we didn’t expect to achieve it three full years ahead of schedule!

Thanks to our amazing family of supporters united to help cancer patients, we achieved our goal of raising $1M this past year. We’re humbled by the generosity and support that’s been given to us, and look forward to what the future has ahead of us.

While we’ve achieved a great organizational milestone, and cancer deaths continue to decrease, the incident rate is still high and there is a need for the work we’re doing. Until there’s a cure for every cancer – we’re committed to doing our part to support the cancer community.

Thanks for being awesome. We achieved this milestone because of each and every one of you!