Allison Orlando Wood Patient Experience Grant

The Allison Orlando Wood Patient Experience Grant

Cancer doesn’t define the patient. The patient may HAVE cancer, but cancer does not HAVE them. Cancer patients are warriors. The fiercest kind. Cancer invades and attacks. It steals time. 

We know how valuable time becomes when battling cancer. The desire to slow it down or stop it altogether is a common thought for the patient as well as those on the journey with them. FFAC cannot produce more time. What we can do is provide experiences in which cancer warriors and their loved ones get a small break. A window of joy. Time together. 

The Experience Grant was established for these reasons. 

It began in December of 2014 because of a teacher who had made an incredible difference in a 4th grader’s life while fighting for her own life. For the next year, the Experience Grant continued to grow.

In 2016 it was subsequently named The Allison Orlando Wood Patient Experience Grant in honor of Allison Wood, a close friend of FFAC. 

Allison gained her wings on June 23, 2015 shortly after being given an experience for herself and her family. 

She was beyond grateful for her experience. It seemed fitting to keep her memory alive by naming this grant after her. 

Have a cancer warrior you’d like to see receive an experience? Maybe help them make a dream come true or lift their spirit to feel stronger, more willing and able to battle their cancer? Complete the Experience Grant application and share with us who you know that needs an experience and why. FFAC will review each application and provide grants based on the opportunity and funding available.

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